Cross Country Ski Equipment

Cross country (XC) skiing offers low impact but effective aerobic exercise. It's a great way to spend quality time with friends or family (or enjoy the solitude of solo skiing), while checking out the winter scenery. New materials and design have made XC skis lighter and more maneuverable. To select appropriate skis, you must decide a few things. Where will you ski- on prepared tracks, or will you be breaking your own trail? Click here for Tyrol's list of suggested XC trail options in our area. Do you want the higher performance of a waxable ski, or the ease of waxless? Do you want the speed and excitement of a skating ski, or the simpler kick-and-glide of a classic ski? We can provide more information at the store to help you make these decisions.

If you are interested in renting XC equipment, please click here.

Quality brands in our cross country department include:

  • Atomic XC
  • Fischer XC
  • Rossignol XC
  • Salomon XC
  • Swix
  • Toko
Cross Country Equipment

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